Curbside Program

Totes must be placed curbside before 7 AM on your day of collection

Each eligible household (1 to 4 units) is given two 64 gallon capacity wheeled containers (“Totes”). The Green Tote is for Trash only and the Blue Tote is for Single Stream Recycling Only. The Totes are the property of the city and must remain at that specific address when ownership or occupancy of the dwelling is changed. Each tote has a serial number that will be matched to the property. Each unit of a single or multi-family dwelling will receive a set of totes. Property owners are responsible for replacing any totes that have been taken from the residence.

Smaller Totes

Seniors or people with physical challenges will be considered for a smaller 32 gallon Tote. If you think you need a smaller set of totes, please contact the Health Department at (978) 534-7550 X 248 to discuss your situation.

Report any accidental damage to your totes to the Health Department.

Green Tote

All rubbish, trash, or refuse must be placed in tied plastic bags before putting them into the Green Tote. These can be any kind of plastic bag; they do not need to be “official overflow bags”. Loose rubbish in the Tote will create more litter on the street which the homeowner or landlord is responsible for picking up. Do not over fill the tote. If the bags do not slide out when tipped into the truck, the contractor will not stop to manually pull the contents out. The tote will not be emptied, and it will then be the responsibility of the homeowner. It will then be the responsibility of the homeowner for disposal. The top flap on the totes must be closed, do not leave them open and pile up bags of rubbish or recycling. If this is done the tote will not be emptied and yet another colored sticker will be placed on it. It will then be the responsibility of the homeowner for disposal.