City Comptroller

Mission Statement

The City Comptroller, under Massachusetts General Laws, the City of Leominster Ordinances and local administrative practices is primarily responsible for:

City Comptrollers Office
Accounting Auditing
Payroll Processing Accounts Payable Processing
Budget Monitoring
Retirement Office
Pension Payroll Accounting (monthly & annual)
Investments Retirement Board Management
(Ex-Officio Member)
Actuarial Study
Budget Office
Statutory Budget Document Mayor’s Budget Document
Financial Indicators Document
Group Insurance Office
Budget Development & Monitoring Claims Trust Fund Management
Enrollment Management Actuarial Study
OPEB Trust Fund Management
Finance Administration
Assessor’s Office Purchasing Office
Collector/Treasurer Office Special Projects

In initiating continuous quality improvement efforts in these program areas, we will strive to create and manage a dynamic fiscal management team and policy that promotes professional management practices for the City that ensures fiscal strength, security and accountability.

This will allow for a clearer focusing by departments upon the obtainment of strategic goals and objectives over a multi-year period, which addresses the needs of the citizens, officials, departments and employees of the City of Leominster.