How do I reporting the death of a retiree or beneficiary?

The option you chose when you retire determines the benefit available for your named beneficiary. Please advise your family or other beneficiary that benefits may be available to them and to notify the Leominster Contributory Retirement Board upon your death. They will need to provide us with a copy of your death certificate for us to appropriately payout benefits to them.

If you retired after January 12, 1988 and chose Option C benefit at retirement and your named beneficiary predeceases you, you will be eligible for an increased benefit (Pop-Up) equivalent to Option A calculations. In such a case you will need to notify us and provide us with a copy of your beneficiary's death certificate. Upon notification and receipt of the death certificate, we will adjust your allowance retroactive to the date of your beneficiary's death.

If you chose either Option A or Option B at retirement you may change your beneficiary at any time by completing and submitting a "Change of Beneficiary" form to our office. It is important to note a specific form that can be obtained from the Leominster Contributory Retirement Board is required to change a beneficiary. No change will take effect unless that form is received by our office.

It is also important to keep us informed of changes in addresses for your beneficiary in the event we need to contact them upon your death. To change a beneficiary's address a specific form is not required, simply call or write to the Leominster Contributory Retirement Board, 25 West Street, Room 15, Leominster, MA 01453.

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