Cultural Council


  • Vicki Briggs, Chair
  • Bob Wilson, Treasurer
  • LuAnn Longenecker, Secretary
  • Nancy King
  • Kristin MacBrian Lacerda
  • Kaitlyn Montagna
  • Lori Nelson
  • Elizabeth Raymond
  • Rod Schaffter


The Leominster Cultural Council is one of 329 councils serving all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. Our responsibility is to award grants that address the cultural needs and wants of the Leominster community.

The Council carefully evaluates and awards grants that support the arts, sciences and humanities to improve and contribute to the diversity of our community, The grants are funded with the policies and guidelines set by the Massachusetts Cultural Council with the annual amount subject to legislative appropriations.

The Leominster Cultural Council (LCC) gathers input from the community and develops funding priorities based on this feedback. Priority is given to applications from local artists, organizations or groups that have secured a local venue (specific date, audience).

The LCC typically receives requests totaling more than twice the amount of money available for us to grant. The goal of the LCC is to provide some funding to as many qualified projects as we can. Most projects receive only partial funding.

The Council will be making grant money available in full to grantees once their projects are approved.

Join the Council

In addition to the state criteria, applications will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Application must be completed online. No paper applications will be accepted.
  2. An application from a non-Leominster resident requires a letter of support from an organization / group / individual who resides in Leominster or a letter from the performance/project venue located in Leominster.
  3. Application encourages new and unique artistic/cultural experiences.
  4. Application is a collaborative project between cultural and community groups.
  5. Application shows a match of cash or in-kind services equal to the funds requested.

Applications are submitted online at Mass Cultural Council starting September 1st of each year, with the deadline of October 15th (when the 15th falls on a weekend day, the deadline is set for the following Monday).

Interested in joining the council? Contact the Chair or send an email.

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