Human Resources

The City of Leominster Human Resources Department is your one-stop source for information on working for the City of Leominster. Our ongoing goal is to make our City the best place to live, work, and play. The Human Resources Department provides the services, tools, pay, and benefits to enable City of Leominster's employees to do their job and serve the residents.

The main function of the Human Resources Department is to ensure that the City has a competent and diverse workforce that can work well to meet the City's business goals. Human Resources staff serve the public and City employees through the following: performing outreach and recruitment, providing information about City employment opportunities, implementing policies and procedures, ensuring that fair labor practices are followed, and fostering good relations among employees to create an environment where employees can work productively, develop their skills, and feel satisfied with their work. The activities outlined are essential aspects of how Human Resources supports the successful functioning of the City.