Parking Clerk

Notice: There is no Parking Clerk at this time.

The Office of the Parking Clerk directs, manages and operates the City's parking control and enforcement efforts. The Department enforces parking regulations through the employment of Parking Control Officers. All permit processing, revenue collection, hearings, grievances and public communications related to parking violations ("tickets") issued by the City are handled by the Parking Clerk. In addition, Department staff collects all revenue generated by parking meters.

Parking Control Officers patrol the various parking lots and parking garage on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. In addition, Leominster Police Department Patrolmen are also authorized to issue parking violations in all areas of the City.

Please note that the City currently has no Parking Clerk. Payments and questions are being handled by the Collectors office. The Collectors office cannot void a parking ticket.

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Parking in Downtown Leominster

There are several parking options in the Leominster downtown area which include:

  • Fee-to-park Parking Garage ($0.25 cents per hour).
  • Metered on-street parking ($0.25 cents per hour).
  • Free, non-metered on-street parking.
  • Free, unlimited time parking lots (all day, all night parking).
  • Free, time limited parking lots (2 hour maximum).

The 2-hour parking lots are patrolled by the Parking Control Officers and those vehicles that have been parked past the 2-hour maximum will be ticketed. Moving your vehicle to a different spot within the same 2-hour lot to avoid the 2-hour time limit is not allowed; and subsequently, if you engage in this practice, your vehicle will be ticketed.

The Parking Garage can be utilized in two ways. One is to pay as needed by obtaining a daily Parking Pass at the lower level ticket kiosk or to purchase a Monthly, Six-Month or Yearly Garage Parking Permit.

A Parking Pass or Parking Permit is only needed for those parking in the lower level of the garage. The upper (top) floor is free.

To utilize the pay as needed method, first, enter either level of the garage and search for an open parking space, before purchasing a Parking Pass. The purchase of a Parking Pass does not guarantee you a parking space. If successful in locating a parking space, park your vehicle and then proceed to the ticket kiosk and purchase your Pass. Return to your vehicle and place the Parking Pass in a visible spot on the vehicle dashboard. You must leave the Parking Pass with your vehicle in order to avoid receiving a ticket.

To purchase a Parking Garage Parking Permit, you will need to go to the Collectors Office in City Hall. The purchase of a Parking Garage Parking Permit does not guarantee you a parking space in the Parking Garage. All parking spots are on a first-come, first-served basis. Garage Parking Permits must be hung from your rear view mirror. Failure to display the parking permit will result in a parking ticket. Current Parking Permit fees are as follows:

  • Monthly Permit: $30 (limited supply during winter season)
  • Six-Month Permit: $150
  • Yearly Permit: $250

Garage Parking Permits go on sale every December for the following year and expire on December 31.

Winter Parking Ban

It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle, other than one acting in an emergency, to park such vehicle on any street for a period of time longer than one hour between the hours of 12 am and 6 am of any day during the Winter parking ban in effect forty-eight hours before a predicted winter storm and forty-eight hours after the storm to provide municipal cleanup. (Ordinance 13-26, All Night Parking, updated January 25, 2016)

The Winter parking band commences on December first, or the date of a predicted first snow storm with an accumulation of at least three inches, whichever comes first, and terminates on April First.

Vehicles that violate this Ban will be ticketed and, if necessary, will be towed. If a vehicle is towed, in addition to the fine, the vehicle owner is responsible for all towing and storage costs.

There is a $25 fine for each and every violation. The notice of a fine must be returned by mail to the parking clerk at 25 West Street no later than 21 days after the date of violation. A hearing may be obtained upon written request of the registered owner. Failure to obey this note within 21 days may result in the non-renewal of license to drive and registration of owner.

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40, Section 22D of the Massachusetts General Laws, any vehicle in violation of this ordinance may be moved or towed to a convenient place, under the direction of an officer of the rank of sergeant or higher. The owner of any vehicle moved or towed under the provisions of this ordinance shall be solely responsible for all removal or towing fee and any storage fees. Not to exceed that which provided in or as authorized by statute law. Citizens with any questions are welcomed to contact the Traffic Division Commander at 978-534-7560, ext. 331.