Recycling will be picked up on a weekly basis throughout the city on the same day of your rubbish collection.


  • Newspapers & inserts
  • Magazines, catalogues, & phone books
  • Junk mail, including window envelopes (you do not need to remove the window)
  • Office paper
  • File folders & manila envelopes
  • Paperback & hardcover books (remove hard covers first)
  • Paperboard (e.g., “cereal box” or “gray” cardboard that has not been in contact with food)
  • Paper bags
  • Shiny paper
  • Shredded paper


Corrugated cardboard (flattened, cut or folded).


Glass, bottles, & jars. Neck rings and caps are okay; corks and Styrofoam labels must be removed.


Metal food cans (deposit and non-deposit).


Plastic containers labeled #1 - #7 (with lids and spouts removed).

Not Allowed

  • Plastic bags
  • Styrofoam
  • pizza boxes
  • paper cups or plates
  • foil container that is soiled with food or drink
  • soiled tissue or paper
  • organic materials or food waste (coffee bags & tea bags)
  • colored wrapping paper
  • broken glass
  • wax paper milk & juice containers

Preparing Recyclables for Pickup

  • Leominster curbside recycling is now single stream (fully commingled) which means that all recycling can now be placed in the same container!
  • Rinse all containers of residual food.
  • Most small plastic and metal food or drink containers can be stomped flat on the ground prior to placing them into the tote to save volume.
  • Do not place rubbish or anything else that is not recyclable into the blue recycling tote. Improperly loaded recycling totes will not be picked up and a colored sticker will be applied explaining the issue. The contractor will not return until the following week.